Saturday, May 5, 2012


So, maybe you've noticed that photo of Fieldy getting his face tattooed. I honestly am cracking up at how many people thought that was real. No- It's for Korn's new music video for Way Too Far- aka WTF. That's the joke, lol. Too few people understood that in the beginning. If you haven't seen it:
Logically, if you were actually considering this to be legit, you could ask yourself, "Have I seen Fieldy at a concert with face tattoos lately?" So that's that.
The question of WTF? is posed, of which the first meaning is obvious but the intended one is Way Too Far?
The music video is going to be about if each band member takes things "way too far". For Fieldy, it is covering his entire body with tattoos. I'm sure we were all dizzy with anticipation to know what Jon would do. Well, the photo was just posted:
Looks like he has a little "accident" with his gun. Not sure entirely what this means yet, but from the photo we can tell that the blood is running from his chest, so it appears he was shot (by himself? we don't know yet) in the heart.

When the next one is released I will keep you all updated!
This is promising- did you realize this is the first album since Korn's debut with four music videos??

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