Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yeah so I went down to the Hampton Beach Casino today on the off-chance Korn might be hanging around outside. I brought my TALITM Skrapbook and my camera and wasn't expecting much. But literally five minutes after I got there Munky and Fieldy came out of their tour buses and I got photos with both of them and autographs. Then Jon quietly slipped out of his tour bus and into the venue. I got two photos of him there. But then Fieldy and Munky came out a few more times and after that it was a while before anything else happened. Then Jon came out again and went back into his bus, where I snapped the best shot of the night, one great closeup of him- he had his head down all the time so it was really hard to get any photos but I got that one!!! Then after about half an hour he popped back out as J Devil!!! I was literally the only one outside because they had started letting people into the show. I filmed him coming out!!!Anyway then Ray finally came out and I got his autograph and then J Devil's show started and my parents forced me to leave as I yelled to the venue "Jonathan don't let them take me away!!!"
This was the best night of my life. I got to meet all the members of Korn, get pictures and autographs for free. A show would have been great but if I had to choose this was a million times better than any show. I really do hope Korn continues to come back to NH because in one year I can finally go alone to a show! Thank you Korn for making my dream come true :)

If you'd like to read the full story, it is here.

Here are some photos from this religious experience:

And also here is the video of J Devil coming out of his tour bus!

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