Sunday, July 8, 2012

I met Jonathan Davis ;)

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July 6th, 2012: The night my dreams came true.
Briefly, here is what happened.
I went to the Junkyard anyway even though I couldn't get in. I heard the entire show from outside. At 1am, my mom and I parked out back near Jonathan's car. There, I met Beth, a friend from KornSpace who also knows Jonathan well, and her friend Christine. We waited for Jonathan along with a few other people. He finally came out around 1:30 and after Beth said hi I asked for a photo and he said 'sure!' We leaned in and he put his arm around my shoulder and I got this photo to last a lifetime:
 I can't even describe that moment; it is written on my face. This is my hero, and after four years of waiting I finally got to meet him, and he was even kinder than I thought. I then asked him to sign my Kerrang! pullout and he gave me his special "P" smiley :D
He then went and signed everyone else's stuff, WITH MY SHARPIE!!! So glad I brought it :)
I then asked Beth if we could get a photo together with Jonathan, which we did:
After that he had to leave, and we all waved goodbye.

I'll tell you, Jonathan is the sweetest, most kindhearted person I've ever met. He really seemed happy to be there and appreciated us coming out and waiting for him at this small venue. He made my dreams come true. I never expected the first time I met him would be this perfect. There was no rush, no crowd, just us and him, and I could never have asked or even imagined anything better.
He may call himself J Devil, but he's just an angel dressed in black <3

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