Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J Devil at the Junkyard: A glimmer of Hope

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So, after calling the Junkyard to ask in detail about the age restriction, I find out that although it is 18+, the manager recently changed a show to all ages at the last minute. This means obviously that he couldn't sell all the tickets in time. If I can convince him that it would be in his best interest to change it this time, I'll be able to go. I know not all the tickets have been sold. It's at 135 right now, most of which were sold last week.  It'll be a challenge. I've been planning what to say all today. I'll make sure he knows the advantages of allowing teens in, not only for this show, but reminding him I have a lot of influence on the internet, and also all my friends are turning 18 this year. And the disadvantages of leaving me with a bad impression of the Junkyard... yeah, I'll go there. I could make sure no one I know online or in real life ever goes there.
This really means a lot to me. Everything I've dreamed of. Seeing JD, practically outside my door. Just having the opportunity to gaze upon him for real. I just hope it'll work. It has to. I don't give up. This is the one thing I will fight for to the end. Beg for me. Please.

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