Thursday, July 5, 2012

J Devil show- just maybe

(this is the third time I am writing this so you get the quick version)
I went down to the Junkyard with my mom and met the manager. He's really nice and the place is cooler on the inside. He felt bad and told me he would do what he could to get me in, but it's Jonathan's promoter who decides. He was meeting with him after we left, coincidentally. I saw the stage and it is TINY, like 10 x 15 with no backstage and no room for equipment. I don't know how jumpy J Devil will be able to get when there's only a few feet of room! But whoever is going, take advantage of the opportunity to be only a few feet away from JD. So anyway, the manager took my number and told me he'd call when his meeting is over. When he called at 8:30 he said unfortunately he couldn't change it, but he will make sure he gets JD back to the Junkyard next year for me. AWWW THANK YOU! And he was really sincere, which I appreciate. I take back the 'rinky-dink' comment I made before, the place looks a ton better on the inside than outside. Anyway, I asked as a last request if maybe he could get me a meeting with JD, just if he sees him hanging around, chilling, doing rehearsals, just so I can say hi or get a photo and tell him how much I wished I could have come to the show. He said he'll try, it might be possible, he doesn't know when they are coming to set up but that he'd keep my number and if call me if he gets any info.
I am going to the place anyway to look for JD because who knows, maybe I could watch him rehearse or catch him outside before or after the show.
I can only try, right? ;)

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